Broken gun, Need Fixed ?

 At Swarland we have a regular gunsmith who carries out gun fixing and maintenance work from his fully fitted gun workshops, separate location. PCP work, sealing, servicing, fixing etc, carried out. There is a potential pick up and delivery service on offer for airgun maintenance work. Professional PCP work carried out, very reasonable rates charged, vastly experienced gunsmith. 


 I'm an airgunner myself. Collecting for the past 6 years. Currently have 55 airguns. 1300+ airguns serviced  & repaired in the last 10 years . From basic services to full on tuning work and part fabrication. Lathe and milling machine facilities. 300bar on site compressor. Local work can be collected and redelivered (cover fuel cost) long distance I can arrange collection and redelivery for £26 simply search "Logunator" on Google for references. I've worked for gun ranges & gun shops. From joe public up to the son of God. Yes Jesus shoots a Logun and lives in Mexico apparently.

Contact me on or phone 07519 768270 (text first in case machines are running)

Service costs BSA Ultra £50, R10 £65, HW100 £65 etc. Springer tuning starts at £35 plus parts ....

Worked on 95% of today's guns. All the fun of the mill stuff but generally specialise in the odd balls/rare/obsolete stuff that gun shops won't touch.