Leapers UTG OP3 3-12x44 Compact 80mm Side Wheel

Item number: 1

 Built on TRUE STRENGTH® Platform and Completely Sealed and Nitrogen Filled for Reliable Shockproof and Zero Holding Performance 

IPX7 Waterproof Rated 

30mm Tube with Best in Class Emerald Lens Coatings to Achieve Maximum Light Transmission for Best Clarity 

Premium Low Top Zero Lockable and Resettable Target Turrets with Precise 1/4 MOA per Click Adjustment 

UMOA Range Estimating Etched Glass Reticle 

Innovative EZ-TAP® Illumination Enhancing (IE®) System with Red/Green Dual-Color and 36 Multi-Color Mode to Accommodate All Weather/Light Conditions (US Pat. 8437079; EU Pat. EP2520894) 

1-Click Illumination Memory Feature Gets the User Right Back to the Color/Brightness Setting Last Used 

Low Top Side Wheel Adjustable Turret (SWAT) for Parallax Adjustment from 10 Yards to Infinity 

Fine Tune Adjustable/Lockable Eyepiece Diopter 

Complete with Flip-open Lens Caps, 3" Removable Threaded Sunshade, Cleaning Cloth, and Medium Profile Max Strength Twist Lock Picatinny/Weaver Rings

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